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3GPP decoder

Decoder is a simple application using Wireshark to decode messages. It can decode most of the 3GPP messages:
- LTE Nb-IoT
It can be used to decode as well protocols from the IP protocol suite.
You first need to install Wireshark from

DCI decoder

LTE uses a lot of inband signaling for control purposes: signal activation of frequency hopping or uplink transmit power control (TPC), requesting the reporting of the sounding reference signal (SRS), channel state information (CSI), or indicating which carrier to use in case of carrier aggregation (release 10).
The resource allocation can have different format, which are optimised to be as compact as possible and thus some processing is required to map this resource allocation to the physical resource blocks.
DCI decoder purpose is to help doing this decoding, based on the raw hexadecimal string.
It supports all DCI formats of release 10, FDD or TDD, and carrier aggregation features.

Contact us for if you are interested in using it.

DCI Decoder